Bringing big studio production to your event. Have you ever watched the Ellen Show, a TEDx event, or the Oscars? Want to bring that level of quality and features to your event? We can do that. Replacing large broadcast trucks with our compact high definition mobile studios offering multi-camera production, instant custom branded graphics, and simultaneous live recording. 

Take Your Production to the Next Level

Our Webcasting services lets your company connect with key stakeholders during your corporate events, such as private internal gatherings, company-wide keynote presentations, shareholder meetings or new product releases. Customers, employees, and shareholders can watch on any device, including desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.  Take a look at some of our samples.

High Quality Production

We make your event a full scale professional high quality television production.

Multiple Cameras

Graphics Integration

PowerPoint and Media Integration

Social Media Integration

Clean Audio

Crisp Picture

Active Elements

and more…

Our Quality and Style of Delivery makes the content Watchable and Enjoyable for Your Viewers.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live has been the king of live streaming promotion across television and even print advertisements, and for good reason! Using Facebook Live, you can share what is happening in front of you the moment it’s happening.

This feature allows not only host pages but also attendees and fans to go live at your event and broadcast their experience straight from their mobile devices. The tool lets you choose your audience, receive real-time feedback in the comments section of your stream, and track how many viewers your livestream brought in at various points.

Youtube Live

YouTube Live is a free tool offered to all Google and YouTube users that allows up to ten broadcasters to participate simultaneously. Once you go live, anyone with the link can view your livestream.

Other features include viewing invitations, chat room capability through live comments, and event scheduling.

This platform is perfect for livestream events looking for a simple setup with a massive audience potential thanks to YouTube’s video streaming market share.

Full HD Production

We ensure your live and archived video reaches your audience in the highest quality, no matter where they watch.

Simulcast Capable

Reach your audience across multiple social media platforms at the same time.

Embedding & Micro Site

Embed your stream to an existing or a custom web page we design for your event.

Program & ISO Recording

Leave your event with a high definition recording of your webcast for internal use or to post online to your Youtube channel or website.

Pay Per View Options

Make your content grow your bottom line. Monetize your content behind a paywall, integrate Google DFP for ad insertion, or gather valuable data from your viewers using lead capture.

Cross-Platform Analytics

Discover valuable insights into your viewership across Livestream, Facebook Live, and YouTube.

The Kiwi Productions Difference

Add Webcasting to These Events

Viewers can watch on any device, including desktops, tablets, mobile devices, Roku and Apple connected TVs.


Our broadcast solutions lets you expand the reach of your institution’s events, such as graduations, presentations, lectures, new student orientations, and sporting events at universities & schools of any size.


Our streaming services lets conference organizers connect with remote attendees. Whether you are streaming a conference, workshop, or live panel discussion, Kiwi Productions can help you engage your audience worldwide.


Kiwi Productions webcast solutions lets you connect in full transparency with your community during events, such as public announcements, political campaigns, press conferences, or town hall meetings. Constituents, supporters, and voters can watch on any device.


Connect with your fans during your concerts, backstage Q&As, or press conferences.


Get your company connected with key stakeholders during your corporate events, such as private internal gatherings, company-wide keynote presentations, shareholder meetings or new product releases.


Our platform lets you engage your fans beyond the television set. Broadcast your competitions, press conferences, athlete interviews, and major announcements so fans can watch the action live on any device.

TV & Radio

Our Web-cast solutions helps you monetize your content and reach your audience wherever they are. Whether you are syndicating your primary content, looking to broadcast live on your website / apps, or producing ancillary content for online viewers, we have the tools to make it as easy as possible.


Allows brands and agencies to extend their events to the web and reach consumers who can’t be there. Whether you are broadcasting a product launch, red carpet or training session, consumers can engage in an immersive brand experience.


Allows you to broadcast your worship events, such as Sunday services, weekly studies, and retreats.


Planning & Goals

Working with you and your team we explore and identify what your goals are and the process needed to make sure your Livestream reaches its maximum potential.  We can help you decide and implement monetizing your production for an additional revenue stream, design its look and feel, institute a registration form for lead capture and target your audience.



Here we set up the viewing platform that best suits your audience, Facebook Live, Youtube Live, an embedded link to drive traffic to your website or a private specifically designed page. We do the back end work based on your requirements such as securing your broadcast with a password, set up monetization, design and integrate a registration form or a post event survey form, all the way to designing the graphics and branding for your organization and so on. This phase also includes assistance or full scripting of the event if called for.



Now we implement the plan.  Taking you live to the world and your audience, spreading your message and collecting your leads.  Your online audience will receive a top quality production that is clear and precise.  Like watching the news or their favorite television program we produce a program that engages your audience, and pushes the growth for your next event.



Another successful and flawless production we now deliver you your registration list and lead capture forms.  We look at the analytics from the event and explore where our wins and opportunities are.  We now also have a beautiful production that we can cut up in post edits for marketing material, highlight segments and social media content.  Properly executed and working with our team we now have content that can drive growth for your next event.

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