A 100% Local Alberta based company owned and operated. Kiwi Productions specializes in creating content, covering and streaming live shows, conferences, online broadcasting and more. We offer full Production Management and can produce all of the technical aspects of your project.



Super excited you’ve decided to select us as your production provider and partner.  Now we get down to business and take care of the most important part of the process.  Like building a house we need to create a detailed blueprint breaking down what your looking to achieve and the logistics we need to prepare for to make it happen.  Power, stage size, expected audience size, rough draft of a floor plan, internet access, and a concept and or theme of what type of impact or emotion we want to convey to your audience. 



Here we nail down the specifics and approve the concept.  We design and produce a scaled 3D render of the event so you know what it’s going to look like and now we can approve the venue floor plan with the venue making sure we are to code on fire regulations, food service runs smoothly and so on.  In this phase we also ensure we have all of the tech in place and services required for all of your presenters and if available review their presentations to make sure we don’t encounter any hiccups.



It’s the day before the event and the excitement is at its all time high.  Our crew arrives on site and implements the plan.  Staging, lights, Screens, projectors, cameras along with the rest of the elements we’ve planned put together according to a detailed schedule that keeps us on time for rehearsals.



Another successful event in the books.  Your boss is ecstatic and delivering his praise.  In some cases we might not be done yet,  Now we have to edit the content we’ve gathered so we have what we need to market your event for next year and grow your organization to the next level.

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