South Edmonton Common

20th Anniversary Celebration

Live Event Management and Production

Concept and Design

Taking our expertise and skill to outdoor events as sampled here.  We were commissioned to provide a concept and design to provide a memorable experience for attendees of the South Edmonton Commons 20th Anniversary. 

After sitting with our client and listening to what their goals and vision was our team got together to design a concept that resulted in providing and constructing a covered stage for musical performers, a uniquely designed runway for a fashion show and integrated skateboard ramps for a BMX, skateboard, and scooter team to perform their aerial stunts all rolled into one.

Once the concept was approved, we carried forward with the site visit and 3d to scale renders that ensured we had the correct spacing and all the logistics were covered.  Everything from power, the LED Screens and camera capture for image magnification and recording down to the sound system design, supply, and operation.

Install and Build

Once everything was planned out and organized, we brought it all together for the Build and install the day before the event.  On show day as the crowds gathered, they got a great and memorable show as models walked the runway in local fashions, BMX and scooter daredevils performed Acrobatic maneuvers, all to the sounds of some amazing local talent. 

Operation and Production

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