Features an Exmor 1/2.8” low-noise image sensor that is capable of recording 1080p images at 60 fps. The RoboSHOT camera features tri-synchronous motion, a silent and smooth direct-drive pan/tilt motor, and an ISP (Image Signal Processor).

Includes Touring-Grade Road Case 16 Programmable MIDAS Microphone Preamps 8 XLR Outputs, 6 Aux Inputs/Outputs 48-Channel Digital Snake Ready via AES50


32 Programmable MIDAS-Designed Mic Preamps 6-Band Parametric EQs Digital Snake Ready 32x32 FireWire/USB Audio Interface Card 16 Outputs

16 Remote-Controllable Midas Preamps 8 Outputs AES50 Networking Klark Teknik SuperMAC Technology


Great for a variety of multi souce audio mixing scenarious


Features 16 inputs with 8 mono mic line balanced inputs and

Com-Center Base and 4 Headsets Full Duplex Communication Up to 800-Yard Wireless Range No Beltpacks Needed


Provides dependable performance for both speech and performance applications and includes a UHF diversity receiver


The UHF wireless microphone system features 1,680 tunable frequencies, 21


The V-800HD Live Video Switcher is ideal for any live event production requiring multiple inputs of different variety scaled down to a single output. Built in scaling for individual channels as well as colour correction makes this a power house for live

12 Input, 4-Channel Video Plus Stills NTSC/PAL, HD, Computer Signal Compatible SD/HD/3G-SDI, RGB/Component, HDMI Inputs 12-Channel Digital Audio Mixer

Switch up to 8 HDMI / Analog Sources 8x HDMI Inputs 8x RGB/Component/S-Video/Composite DB15 4 HDMI and 4 HDBaseT Outputs


The Livestream Studio HD500 with Premium Plan is a compact,

Capture HD Video & Audio from a variety of Devices through HDMI to a built in internal hard drive. Features include a variety of imaging scopes to ensure your capturing the best quality.


Allows you to distribute a Single Link SD HD 3G 6G-SDI signal to


This is useful for connecting consumer devices that output HDMI


Allows you to convert single link SD HD 3G 6G-SDI to a single


Pro production grade camera ideal for live event coverage or


Ideal for mobile PA applications in venues where access to


Allow you to walk, run, go up and down stairs,


Camera stabilization systems like this one work to provide camera


The Kessler Pocket Jib is the ultimate compact, portable jib.


It is a hybrid slider that combines the lightweight portable rail